Rainy Siagian (b.1994) is  an  artist based in-between Brussels
(Belgium) and Reykjavik (Iceland). In her work, she constructs
a different understanding  of  the  meaning  of  light  and space.
Playing with confusion  and  the  unknown of the tradition of  
romantic  landscape. Whereas  some  images  are  carefully
constructed, others are incidental scenes she encounters, thus
becoming less about a specific subjects and more about feeling. 

After she obtained  her  MFA  at  The Royal Academy  of  Fine
Arts  in  Ghent, Belgium, Siagian  has  repeatedly  returned  to
Iceland, which has since been  a  fertile  source  of  inspiration
for  her. A  continuous  exploring  on  the  unexpected  juxta-
positions  between  locations,  ideas  and  forms.  Foregrounding
the fragments, light and magical thinking  is  what  defines  her

Exhibitions of Siagian work took place internationally and 
appeared in such publications as Aint Bad Magazine, Phases
Magazine, C41 Magazine, among many others. She is currently
working on her Doctoral Studies in Museum Studies at the Uni-
versity of  Iceland. 

Current Position
2020 - Doctoral Studies in Museum Studies at The University of Iceland, Háskóli Ísland, Reykjavík, Iceland

2016 - 2018 MFA in Visual Arts, School of Arts / KASK, Ghent, Belgium
2013 - 2016 BA in Visual Arts, School of Arts / KASK, Ghent, Belgium

Other Projects
2020 Intern Studio Olafur Eliasson, Reykjavík, Iceland
2019 Artist Residency, Gamli Skóli Arthouse, Hrísey, Iceland
2018 Photographer NGO Wisnu Foundation, Bali, Indonesia

2019 Nominee International Photography Grant

2020 Isolation, Rome, Italy
2019 Ológyra, Athens, Greece       
2018 Camping In The Milimeters Kingdom, Ghent, Belgium
2017 Made by, Ghent, Belgium    

Selected Publications
2020 OD Magazine
2020 ‘Rainy Siagian finally recounts the Midnight Sun in Iceland’, C41 Magazine
2020 ‘Isolation’ Living Apart, LoosenArt
2019 Album cover ‘There are Two’, Foil Music
2019 Phases Magazine
2019 Aint Bad Magazine
2019 ‘Abstraction Issue’, F-Stop Magazine
2019 Interview w/Rainy Siagian, Siilk Gallery


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