The Nomadic Phenomenon of Alternative Museum Making:
  (Re)imagining what a museum is and can be is a research
  project that questions whether museums can exist outside
  the institutions.  
  This research forms the theoretical framework to generate a
  platform of a ‘temporary’ art space, with the emphasis on the
  relationship between the space, the object and the viewers -
  and  how  these  entities  affect  and  activate  one  another.
  This  three  years  research  project  endavors  to  answer  the
  following  questions,  from  its  architectural,  sociological and  
  economic  perspective:  How can we cut across the traditional  
  boundaries of a permanent and a temporary 
museum?; How can
  we critically question the power structures inherent in 
  museum making?; How to work and define such space and how is 

  this interpret its surrounding?;

  Rainy Siagian is currently working on her Doctoral Studies in Museum Studies at The University of Iceland / Haskoli Island, 2020 - 2024 


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